Sunday, October 14, 2018

Guest Speaker- Tisha Falcon Lehfeldt 95.5 The FISH

We are pleased to welcome another good friend to share at our services in Honolulu and Kapolei. You’ll be blessed to hear her message. She is:

  • A Wife
  • Associate Pastor of MVCC Kaneohe
  • A Speaker/Singer
  • A Mentor
  • And JOYFUL!

We have services in Kapolei at 830AM [message only taught this week by Pastor Ty, a special series on “Sharing your Testimony.”] and 10AM [worship, teaching and programs for the children]; and in Honolulu at 8AM.

two scoops agape,
pastor john


Whether you are 3 or 93 years old, the greatest decision you’ll ever make is about who God is and if you will follow Him as Lord and Savior. Journey Church is committed to reaching others and helping them experience the amazing, abundant love of God. We believe God has called each of us to “reach the nations” with the Good News of Jesus Christ, from home to across the seas.


Along life’s journey, the wrong turns, winding hills and potholes impact our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Journey Church is committed to seeing God restore His people to new life. Through God’s Word, worship, discipleship and the work of the Holy Spirit, our lives will be radically transformed and restored according to His purpose. 


As we grow and learn about our unique gifts, talents, and interests, we discover that God has called and equipped us for service, leadership and evangelism.  Journey Church is committed to helping release God’s people to find and fulfill their calling. It’s okay if you’re a little confused, lost or feeling alone on your journey. Join us to see what the Lord is doing today!

Where are you on your journey?

We would love to know more about your life’s journey and see if we can walk together in a corporate journey.